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    Learning Content Cultivation:

    The Foundation for Successful Move to a   Continuous Learning Culture

    Despite the failure of traditional learning methods, many companies have managed to keep their employees informed by rethinking their learning strategies.  The key is to focus less on teaching employees new information and more on empowering them to obtain the necessary knowledge on their own. This paper provides a comprehensive guide to enhancing your learning strategy, helping you prepare your employees to adapt to the constant pace of economic change.

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    “They completely changed the way I approached content for supporting the field.
    With their help, I know our efforts will be successful.”

    Joe Grovanz

    VP Sales Operations Premier, Inc.

    "Brilliant! Aside from supporting all of our training efforts, we now have a way to effectively capture, manage  

    and deliver all the “tribal” knowledge our reps need to be successful."


    Lisa Contini

    Head of WW Sales Enablement and Training, Palo Alto Networks