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 Partner Program


Some of the Value Shift Partner Benefits include:

Increased Service Revenue
Free Access to the Enabler Software
Earn Significant Referral Fees
The Value Shift is teaming with leaders in Learning and Development, Sales Consulting, Sales Enablement, Sales Training, Channel Management, Marketing and Performance Improvement to empower organizations to improve their revenue performance by increasing their overall employee productivity.

We are seeking partnerships from around  the world in the following general categories:

  • Learning and Development Consultants who want to develop improved interactive training content faster and at reduced cost, while also monetizing their intellectual property.
  • Marketing Agencies who want to develop improved interactive content faster and at reduced cost.
  • Sales Training Companies who want to improve and augment their training content, delivery and end value to their clients, while also monetizing their intellectual property.
  • Revenue Performance Improvement Companies who provide strategy, training and implement programs to drive sustained improved revenue performance for their end clients and want to improve, augment and monetize their knowledge delivery and intellectual property.
  • System Integrators who leverage Drupal, the leading Web Content Management system, to create new Digital Experiences for their clients.  
  • Resellers where The Value Shift Solutions augment their specific business focus for their end clients.
  • Referral Partners who believe their end clients and overall business relationships can derive value from the Value Shift Solutions.

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