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Increasing Sales Productivity with Microlearning – Part II

David Fitzgerald | Sales Training, Sales Productivity, Learning

In Part I of our series on increasing sales productivity with microlearning, we reviewed the difference between training and learning.  In Part II, I’d like to make some recommendations on how to improve sales learning which will result in increased sales productivity.  First off, ... Read More



Increasing Sales Productivity with Microlearning – Part I

David Fitzgerald | Sales Training, Sales Productivity

B2B selling is getting more difficult year after year. In 2014, we invested more than $56B in CRM solutions, sales training and sales acceleration technology to increase sales productivity. In the year following that investment, productivity actually dropped. The CSO Insights annual performance survey, showed that only 54.6% of salespeople achieved their quota in 2015, down from 58.1% in 2014 – a 6.4% year-on-year drop after spending $56B. What’s even more disconcerting is that the survey shows Read More



Overcoming the Top 6 Interactive Sales Content Objections

Alina Poniewaz-Bolton | Sales Training, Sales Content

If you’re not already talking about interactive sales content, you will be soon.

Why is interactive content so much more effective? For sales and marketing, interactivity changes the conversation from a monologue – talking at prospects and customers – to a dialogue going both ways. The results speak for themselves: According to Demand Metric’s Content & the Buyer’s Journey Benchmark Study, apps, assessments, calculators, ... Read More



Sales Learning is the New Path to Increased Sales Productivity

David Fitzgerald | Sales Training, Sales Productivity

In today’s market, winning is often measured by how quickly you can meet customer demands – and that means demonstrating more agility than your competitors. By making your sales reps smarter and faster – so after each meeting or call with a buyer, they’re deemed more credible, more knowledgeable and more trustworthy – you can win more deals.

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Scaling the Value-Add Sales Conversation

Alina Poniewaz-Bolton | Sales Productivity

In our last post, we said the single most important variable in improving sales productivity is the quality – or lack thereof – of conversations salespeople are having with their prospects and customers. In fact, many people would argue that the sales conversation is the most important part of the job.

Yet having valuable conversations has become increasingly difficult. Forrester research tell us that Read More



How the Sales Conversation Impacts Sales Productivity

David Fitzgerald | Sales, Sales Enablement, Sales Productivity, Sales Content

The single most important thing salespeople do that effects sales productivity is the quality – or the lack thereof – of the conversations they have with customers and prospects. 

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5 Ways You’re Mismanaging Your Content Spend

Alina Poniewaz-Bolton | Sales Content

There have been a lot of posts circulating the web on the hidden costs of content creation. If you work in content, you know all too well how important it is to maximize output and minimize costs. In most marketing and sales departments, content is not prioritized and this often means you’re working with a less than desirable budget to begin with. Or you’ve found yourself having to argue why you’ve gone over budget, yet ... Read More



The Business Case for Sales Enablement - Stats and Proof Points

Paula Crerar | Sales Enablement

Do your sales and marketing execs still think that sales enablement means ensuring that the latest piece of marketing content is thrown over the wall to the sales team? Are you still trying to convince them that they need to invest in a sales enablement platform and strategy?

Although sales enablement is still an emerging discipline there's enough evidence to prove that it should rise to strategic importance for B2B companies and merits ... Read More



4 Types of Sales Content That Marketing Is Not Delivering

Paula Crerar | Sales Content, Sales and Marketing Alignment

Our workshops on content strategy are attended by members of sales, marketing, training and other departments who have a stake in sales content. In these discussions, marketing professionals tell us that although they are responsible for content creation, sales content takes a back seat to their content marketing initiatives.

It’s understandable. In B2B companies, marketing is focused on providing leads to sales. That’s how they’re resourced, organized and measured. So they put much of their effort on creating content for demand generation. But the ... Read More



Facing the New Buyer Reality

Alina Poniewaz-Bolton | Content Strategy

What if we told you that there was one thing that could transform your sales organization from the inside out?

That by addressing this one thing you could knock out many of your biggest sales issues – the usual suspects, like sales and marketing alignment. Goals and measurement. Productivity.

But, to do it, you would have to stop concentrating all your energy on selling.

It’s not a technology, or a quick fix.

So what is this magical, mysterious answer to all your sales problems?

... Read More