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About Us

Value Shift Overview

We are a next generation learning, employee enablement and performance support solutions company.  We are passionate about helping our customers increase productivity by assisting them in making the shift to a continuous learning culture.

Our principals have over 50 years of combined experience assisting organizations with their learning strategies and content production.  We have successfully developed sales support solutions for dozens of companies including many of the Fortune 500, including: HP, John Hancock, Liberty Mutual, Prudential, Novartis, Abbott Laboratories, NCR, Pepsi, Premier, Armstrong, Exxon Mobil, Teradata, The Hartford, Motorola, Bayer Pharmaceutical, Staples, Ricoh and more.

We’ve leveraged our years of experience in developing the Enabler, a software solution that embraces and aligns the people, process and technology to provide a scalable and repeatable result to deliver engaging learning & enablement experiences for our customer’s employees.

Our Solutions

We are a team of productivity consultants, content strategists, instructional designers, program managers and content creators.


The Enabler- a SaaS software platform combining content creation tools, continuous learning & employee enablement

The Enabler is built on industry leading open source technologies. It will facilitate your organization’s shift to active learning by enabling you to capture, create and measure rich, HTML5 interactive content without needing to hire additional developers, graphic designers and/or agencies.

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Content Production Services:

For customers who need help creating, revising, updating or organizing their content and training material, our staff includes experienced content creators - directors, writers, graphic and instructional designers, videographers and more. Content developed by our professionals include online training programs, sales tools, sales playbooks, presentations materials and presentation collateral.

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Content Curation Strategy:

We work with your team to implement a best practices content curation process that aligns your teams for success.  This Content Curation Blueprint serves as the implementation and adoption roadmap to teach your team(s) to effectively capture, create and curate the knowledge and content required to meet your business objectives.

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eBook: 5 Steps to Higher Sales Productivity

Even though US companies spend $20 billion on sales training and 25% of our marketing budgets are allocated to content, 83% of buyers say salespeople don’t know their problems and aren’t adding any value during their sales conversation.

We need a sales support transformation; a new mindset focused on making salespeople smarter, faster.

In this ebook we’ll take you through the five steps to building a sales performance support system that addresses today’s productivity challenges and helps your salespeople close more business.

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"Brilliant! Aside from supporting all of our training efforts, we now have a way to effectively capture, manage  

and deliver all the “tribal” knowledge our reps need to be successful."


Lisa Contini

Head of WW Sales Enablement and Training, Palo Alto Networks

“They completely changed the way I approached content for supporting the field.
With their help, I know our efforts will be successful.”

Joe Grovanz

VP Sales Operations Premier, Inc.