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The Enabler

The Enabler is a next generation learning, employee enablement and performance support system that allows you to efficiently bring teams together to build and maintain a library (network) of knowledge, content, and tools that improve organizational performance.











Channel Partners

  • Onboard partners with assigned learning paths and engaging content recommendations.
  • Customize libraries and content for each partner category and facilitate the contribution and management of partner contributed content
  • Manage separate communities with partner specific governance.

Information Technology

  • Provide learning pathways for technical certification of employees and contractors
  • Facilitate collaborative problem solving with the effective capture and sharing of expert knowledge, tips and tricks.
  • Provide content insight and discovery with content categorization and


  • Onboard reps with assigned learning paths and content recommendations
  • Continuously coach with mobile optimized micro-learnings and interactive video
  • Assemble libraries of industry insights for social sharing, prospecting and customer communications


  • Effortlessly build engaging FAQs, Help and Support libraries
  • Allow customers to create and share visual product knowledge, tips and tricks
  • Promote participation with community management and content attribution

The Enabler in 2 Minutes

A more knowledgeable salesperson wins more business.

The Enabler is a Content Curation platform that provides a systematic approach to capture tribal sales knowledge and then turn that content into engaging and interactive content pieces (videos, microlearnings, presentations, etc.) that can be shared and measured across sales teams.

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An Effective Learning Content Strategy is Key to Employee Productivity

Find out how organizations can better align their people and processes to effeciently capture and curate the organizational knowledge needed to improve performance.
Download: eBook  Learning Content Cultivation
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An Effective Sales Content Strategy is Key to Sales Productivity

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